Milan's Gothic Masterpiece

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Undoubtedly, Milan's most well-known building is the Cathedral, or Duomo, which is the largest Gothic cathedral in the world. Located in the center of the city in the Piazza del Duomo, this massive church is rich with ornate details and a popular site for tourists.

Known for it's lengthy completion process, lasting over 500 years, this cathedral was began in 1386 and fits over 40,000 occupants inside. A free visit inside the church, this makes the visit even that much more appealing, as do the long hours that it remains open (daily 7am-7pm). Definitely a must-see for any visitor to Milan, this is probably most tourists very first stop, and the piazza is one of the central stops for the city's public transportation system and a great starting point for any other visits.

Approaching the entrance, once can notice the immense detail on the exterior, with sculptures and ornaments filling every space. The spires along the roofline reach higher and higher as you get closer. Then when you walk inside, the massive interior is almost too much to take in at once. With the large naves, huge pillars, and overwhelming stained glass. There are several spaces to explore inside (some extra fees charged), including the crypt with several notable remains, the baptistery
with the ruins of the older church once housed on this space, and entrance to the roof. Here visitors can get a view over this massive city and even on clear days, a view of the Alps in the distance.

One can easily spend a couple hours here depending on the extent of the sites they want to explore on the site, but even if you don't want to see all the extras like the museum, roof, or baptistry, just a visit into this massive and noteworthy cathedral is by far worth your time. It's Milan's most famous structure, and one that will make you wonder in the architectural detail.

• Piazza del Duomo
• Metro stop: Duomo
• Open daily 7am - 7pm
• Free admission (Roof: 4euro)
Milan Cathedral (Duomo)
Piazza Del Duomo
Milan, Lombardy

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