Me Ship, The Olive: A Fun Water Wonderland

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by Troobabiee7 on October 28, 2009

Popeye and Olive Oil are the most famous residents in the Toon Lagoon section of Islands of Adventure, and Me Ship, The Olive gives guests a chance to get even closer to these beloved characters. The attraction is a water wonderland - an H2O-soaked playground full of fun surprises and unexpected adventures. It's mainly for kids who aren't yet tall enough to ride the main water rides in Toon Lagoon, but it's appropriate for guests of all ages who like to explore and want to enjoy a beautiful view out over the rest of Islands of Adventure.

Me Ship, The Olive is a water-filled playground. There are ropes to swing on, ladders to climb, and slides to ride down. It's perfect for kids who need to blow off a little steam, since they can run and play at their own pace, without having to wait in lines or walk around in the heat. Young kids will love the slides and giant sprinklers, while older kids will love climbing the ropes course and running under the hidden waterfalls. The playground is set up to look like an actual ship, with a giant bust of Olive Oil standing tall and proud at it's head. If you're lucky, Popeye and Olive Oil may even be around in their swimwear to take pictures with adoring fans.

One of the really cool things about Me Ship, The Olive is that it's enjoyable for adults as well. All children must be accompanied through the playground since things could get hectic and they could easily get lost, so there are a lot of fun gags and jokes around for adults to enjoy. When I went through the ship with my little cousin this past summer, I especially enjoyed the view out over the park. Since the ship is several stories tall you get a gorgeous view of Universal Orlando, as well as the surrounding area. My cousin's favorite part was the water cannons, where you can watch guests go by on the Popeye and Bluto's Bilge Rat Barges ride below and drop buckets of water on them as they sail by. It makes for a very funny experience!

As is the case almost everywhere in Toon Lagoon, you will get wet here. You won't get as drenched as you will on the actual water rides, but you're sure to get at least a sprinkling as you make your way through the different parts of the boat. If you're in the mood for a soaking, though, it's definitely possible with all of the waterfalls, sprinklers and water canons that you can run and splash through for watery good times on a hot summer afternoon.
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