Water, Music, Motion, and Lights!

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by airynfaerie on October 17, 2009

A show that has been entertaining specators since 1929, the Magic Fountains of Montjuic is a great ting to witness during a visit to Barcelona...not to mention, it's free! This was our very first stop the evening we arrived in the city, and after taking the metro to the large Placa d'Espanya, we walked towards the glowing fountains with great anticipation.

Designed for the Great Universal Exhibition in 1929 by Carles Buigas, these fountains still are a grand display that people of all ages enjoy to watch. One will find just as many locals out enjoying the show as tourists, as it's such a beautiful way to spend an evening in this Spanish town. Located between the Placa d'Espanya and the regal National Museum of Art of Catalunya, the fountains line the Avinguda de la Reina to the bottom of the hill called Montjuic.

Combining lights, water, music, and motion in a highly entertaining and choreographed show, the Magic Fountains are a sight to behold. The musical accompaniment which are blasted through speakers around the area ranges from classical to modern, soundtracks to rock opera. As we approached the show we heard the themesong to E.T. accompanying the dancing water and light show. The next musical selection was the Star Wars theme and we watched the finale with a song about Barcelona sung by none other than the lead singer of Queen, Freddie Mercury.

Occurring in the weekend evenings of the winter, and later into the night during summer, this show lasts about 30 minutes and is repeated throughout the showtimes. So if you happen to be in Barcelona during the days that the Magic Fountains display their glory, be sure to make a stop! You won't regret it.

• Between National Museum of Art of Catalunya and Placa d' Espanya
• Metro stops Green Line, L3 and Red Line, L1: Placa Espanya
• Performances 7pm-10:30pm (Fri, Sat during Oct - Apr), 9pm - 11pm (Thu - Sun during May - Sept)
• Free admission
Magic Fountain of Montjuic
Avenida Maria Cristina
Montjuic, Barcelona, Spain, 08004


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