The Cafe with Three "F"s

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by airynfaerie on October 14, 2009

At a single glance, the sign to this wonderful cafe may have you seeing double...or triple, as it's known as the "el caffè con tre effe" or "the cafe with three f's". I'm not sure why the owners decided to add that extra letter, but just like they added a letter, they also added goodness to their offerings.

Probably my most favorite place in Rome to get a coffee, Cafffe Camerino has made a mark in the very competeitive coffee world of the ancient city. Not only with visitors, but also locals, this lovely cafe offers some of the best beverage creations along with warm homemade pastries.

Located near the Largo di Torre Argentina in the area between the Pantheon and the Tiber River, a stop for a quick sip of espresso is an easy walk or bus ride away from any of the main sights. With an upscale interior (but not fussy) with tables, and a few small tables outside, one can take their time to enjoy or drink their coffee at the bar on the go. Of course, remember like most Italian bars, there will be an upcharge if you sit down.

One of the drinks not to miss here is the marocchino. This drink is usually served in a small glass cup with cocoa on the bottom, espresso, more cocoa, a small amount of steamed milk with foam, then topped with cocoa again. One of my favorites! Or ask for their "caffè completo" which is similar to the marocchino, but with a piece of melted chocolate on the bottom and a dollop of whipped creme on top! YUM!

Complete your coffee break with a warm, freshly made pastry or honey glazed croissant from the display case. The service here is always warm and friendly , while the atmosphere very classy.

• Largo Arenula 30
• Open daily  7:30am-8pm
Cafffe Camerino
Largo Arenula, 30
Rome, Italy

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