A Look 4,000 Feet Below into the Canyon

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One of the most famous day trips from Las Vegas is a visit to the Grand Canyon, and the closest entrance for visitors from the "City of Sin" is that of the West Rim. Grand Canyon West, lies on the Hualapai Indian tribal lands reservation, and offers many unique experiences over that of the south entrance, which tends to be more crowded (although since the addition of the new Skywalk, crowds are increasing here at the West Rim).

Located just 120 miles east of Las Vegas, a visit to one of the world's greatest splendors is an easy drive and a sight not to be missed in a lifetime. Because this entrance is in a remote part of the desert with many miles of unpaved roads and scarce gas stations, one must be sure to have prepared and adequate transportation, or choose to travel with a tour group onto the reservation.

It's easy to be a little overwhelmed at the variety of tour packages available from river rafting, horseback riding, helicopter rides, hummer treks and more. Don't worry too much on adding all the extras, as mother nature offers the main attraction, which won't be missed. I recommend to pay for a simple package of the park entrance and a visit on the new Skywalk, a multi-million dollar glass walkway that juts 70 feet out over the canyon ridge. If you aren't afraid of heights and can make your way to the end, look down through the glass floor under your feet to the canyon floor 4,000 feet below.

One thing visually stunning here, other than the shear expanse of the canyon, is that of the varying rock colors and tones. Layers and layers of brightly colored reds, oranges, greys, and even green tones dominate the landscape, and some say is one of the highlights of the west rim over the southern rim. There are also various lookout points that are note worthy here, like Eagle Point and Guano Point. And one can even take in a few live Indian dances by the tribe and look in a small sample village they have set up with traditional housing structures, such as the "Hopi".

If you have any additional time at all while visiting Las Vegas, don't hesitate to take a day off and explore the Grand Canyon. By far, it's one of the world's most amazing natural wonders and something not to miss!

• Park entrance fee: $25 per private vehicle
• Skywalk admission fee: $29.95 per person + tax
• Open everyday, 7am-7pm (May - Sept), 8am-6:30pm (Dec - Feb).
• Specific sights / tours / performances vary in price and hours
• Call 877-716-9378 for all reservation info
Grand Canyon West (Grand Canyon Skywalk)
Pierce Ferry Road To Diamond Bar Road
Peach Springs, AZ, 89146
(928) 769-2219


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