The Most Expensive Place to Eat at Morritt's

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by berky on October 8, 2009

David’s spectacular oceanside dining room is Morritt’s upscale romantic restaurant. It also caters to a captive audience as anyone who arrives late in the day to check into their timeshare has a choice of David’s or Mimi’s Dockside, which as suggested by its name, is the open air restaurant right on the dock.

We of course, fit the captive audience profile, arriving late in the day and experiencing our first adventure with driving on the "wrong side of the road. By the time we checked in (a grievously slow process), we were too tired and it was too late to go to buy groceries and start cooking.

As it was windy and overcast, it was not appealing to be outside at Mimi’s, so we went to David’s as it seemed to be the only other place serving food. Dinner took forever, which would be fine if one had planned a relaxing evening, but we had just arrived and were hungry, but also eager to get oriented to our surroundings and plan our activities for the rest of the week. We did find out we could order from Mimi's menu as long as one of the choices comes from David's, which has the more expensive entrees.

The shrimp fajitas I ordered had a paltry few shrimp, lots of really hot peppers, three 6-inch tortillas, Spanish rice, spicy beans, a tiny bit of spicy salsa and a dollop of sour cream, but no guacamole. There is however enough left for a doggy bag, which we enjoyed later in the week. My husband ordered a spicy jerk pork sandwich. The Caesar salad which accompanied my fajitas consisted of one shredded whole romaine leaf. Three small rolls were served at the beginning of the meal. We skipped dessert as it was costly and we had unpacking to do.
David's Restaurant Bar & Grill
P.O. Box 496, Queens Hwy
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, KY1-1106

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