An Annual Treat of Beauty

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Offering more than 2,500 varieties of irises, the Iris Garden of Florence is a seasonal treat only open in the month of May. Seen around the city as an engraved coat of arms since 1251, the iris holds a special place in the hearts of Florentines. Not only a beautiful symbol of this strong city, it's also appreciated for its actual life of flora.

Displayed in a beautiful sloping hillside garden overlooking the river and hillside, one can spend a lovely afternoon milling about the peaceful space. Regularly artists can be seen painting on easels during the iris' short seasonal life span, and the crowds never seem overwhelming to a visitor here. Take your time visiting each row of the numerous varieties, reading the small informational signs along the way.

This colorful display of delicate flowers can make visitors of all ages smile with delight. Luminous colors from reds, oranges and yellows, to pinks, purples, and creams. Each variety boasts unqiue names and descriptions that are fun to learn about, and horticulturalists come from all over the world to experience this once-a-year event.

The entrance is free, although visitors can donate to the Italian Iris Society which hosts this annual garden and iris competition. At the closing of the garden, there is an awards ceremony which gives prizes to blooms based on color, shape, aroma, and health. For a visitor interested in botany or just plain beauty, the iris garden is a special treat.

Enter from southern end of Piazzale Michelangelo off Viale dei Colli

Open May 2-20, Mon-Fri: 10-12:30; 3-7, Sat-Sun 10-7

The Iris Garden
Viale Dei Colli And Piazzale Michelangelo
Florence, Italy
055 483 112

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