The Largest and Most Famous of Florence's Gardens

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Florence's largest and most famous garden is unequivocally Il Giardino di Boboli (Boboli Garden). Created between 1550-1558, this landscape masterpiece was carried out by designer Niccolo Pericoli who was hired by the famous Florentine Medici family.

Adjoining the grand Pitti Palace, and situated in the "Oltrarno" area of the city (across river from the center), this expansive garden is a restful getaway from the bustling city streets and offers refuge amongst nature, fountains, sculptural art, and walkways. Be prepared to spend a bit of time exploring this garden as it expands 320,000 sq meters and never ceases to take a visitor's breath away with each turn.

Decorated walkways, small private paths covered with latticed arbors, sculptures galore hiding between trees and in pools, and even an amphitheater await you as you take a closer look into this gorgeous display of garden design. Don't miss visiting the famous Grotto ornamental stone building with various works of art inside, which is closer to the entrance on the southern end of the Palace. Plus, many photographer's favorite character to shoot is the funny Dwarf Morgant by sculptor Valerio Cigoli.

During the summers, the garden usually hosts a concert series on various stages and in the amphitheater, which is a very unique atmosphere to experience some of the best musical and theatrical performances in the world. Expect to spend a couple of hours here, and even more if you plan to visit the interior of the PItti Palace on the same visit.

Open November - February: 8:15 – 4:30
March: 8:15 – 5:30
April, May, September, October: 8:15 – 6:30
June, August: 8:15 – 7:30

Admission Fee: 6euro
Boboli Gardens (Giardini di Boboli)
Behind the Pitti Palace
Florence, Italy, 50122
+39 (055) 2388786

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