#2 Best View in Florence

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by airynfaerie on October 5, 2009

When most people think of Florence, the church of Santa Maria del Fiore comes to mind. Collectively called "Il Duomo" this church houses two of my favorite overlooks, and although the top of the actual dome is higher, I prefer the view from the belltower (Campanile di Giotto) as it offers a view of the city and the dome itself. Built in 1334 by Giotto, this structure also allows a close up look at the exterior of the church to which it's attached

One of the highlights of climbing the belltower is that the line is almost always quite small, if there even is a line. After paying the small entrance fee, you can take your time on the stairways and the many terrace levels on the way up to rest. Afterall, if you're walking all the way up, you'll be trekking up (and back down) 414 steps and will need a couple of places to rest, so these terrace levels will come in handy. Plus each offers it's own unique view of the streets below.

When you finally reach the pinnacle at 278 feet, the view is breathtaking on all sides. Be sure to look for the groups of people on the top of the Duomo as well. Take your time and enjoy the views of the city streets, river, and mountains...it's unlike any other.

Open 9am - 7:30pm
Entrance fee: Euro 6
Campanile di Giotto
Piazza Duomo
Florence, Italy, 50122


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