Walking in the Footsteps of the Ancient Mayans

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Just a short drive down the road from the Blue Tulum Resort where we were staying, are the amazing ancient ruins of Tulum. Dated around the 1200s, these ruins rise above the Caribbean Coast in a splendid way which takes a visitor back in time. The entire city of the Mayan's isn't too large, but it's a very open space, so even with a lot of tourists, you can find open places to walk around and be quiet to take it all in.

There are various temples, homes, and civic buildings still intact with walkways marked out among the grounds. Take the time to read the plaques by the buildings, but it's recommended to bring a informative guide book along as a supplement.

There's an open public beach accessible by descending stairs along the seaside cliff. This area more than likely was used for the docking of many Mayan ships, and offers a great view back up towards the largest structure of the site.

The ruins of Tulum is a must see visit! The entrance fee is $35~40 pesos (video cameras extra $30 pesos),which is about $4USD, and is open 8am to 5 pm everyday. There is a parking lot with shuttle service to the entrance gate, or you can park on the side road (closer to the beach) which has roadside parking for free, then you just walk a few hundred feet to the entrance gate.
Tulum Mayan Ruins

Tulum, Mexico


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