Mount Rushmore

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The biggest tourist attraction in the area is Mount Rushmore. It draws more people than almost any attraction in the USA.

The faces carved in granite are impressive. The expressions can be read according to how the viewer feels. If you are upset at the way the nation is behaving, the faces seem to mirror dismay. If you are happy with the way the nation is going, the faces seem to be content. Let your emotions color your experience and it will remain with you forever.

Stand at the railing and take your photos. Marvel at the sheer power that it took to carve these men into the rock. Enjoy the beauty of the mountains. And don't forget to stop by the gift shop and grill. September in the mountains can be chilly in the mornings so the coffee and tea are welcome additions.

If you plan to see the Crazy Horse monument also, see this one first. That way you will be able to visualize the Crazy Horse one better since it is still under construction.
Mount Rushmore National Memorial
13000 Highway 244
Keystone, South Dakota, 57751
(605) 574-3171

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