First Taste of Dutch Indonesian Cuisine

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by artslover on October 1, 2009

We were walking to the Van Gogh museum and walked past this restaurant. It looked nice with its Indonesian decor, a dining area and a bar area. None of us had eaten Indonesian cuisine before so planned to return the same day for dinner. We showed about early in the evening without reservations and got a table for the three of us. The waiter told us we were very lucky to get a table without a reservation and we saw soon thereafter that the place was packed. Making a reservation looks like a good idea.

As we did not know our way around the menu, our waiter recommended the multi-dish rijsttafel, litterally translated as rice-table. The dish is a Dutch adaptation of Indonesian dishes. The menu listed some 20 or more dishes as making up the rijsttafel. We questioned whether the three of us should split two but were assured that it would not be too much food. Our waiter and two others then proceeded to bring out so many dishes a little side table was needed to hold them all. The waiter then showed us how to prepare the rijsttafel by first putting two different rices in a bowl and topping them with the different side dishes. Some of the side dishes were seasoned, some had sauces and consisted of vegetables, chicken, fish, nuts and fruit. If you have a nut allergy, you will want to avoid this dish as peanuts featured in the satays also. The seasoned dishes were very tasty and not spicy in the burn you tongue off kind of way.

We managed to eat almost all of it and would love to try Indonesian food again. It was not cheap at almost ‚ā¨28 a person but it was good value given that it was a huge amount of food with everything including dessert.
Sama Semo
Pieter Cornelisz. Hooftstraat 27
Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1071
+31 20 6628146

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