The Monument to the Three Hundred Thousand

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Umschlagplatz Square is a strange and desolate area even thought it is at the side of a main road and trams, cars and buses pass by each day. Perhaps it is just a psychological thing with me and when I think of what took place there I immediately think of the desolation. As a monument there isn't much to look at. The small square is where a railway siding was located and where Jews were loaded into wagons and carted off to the concentration camps.

The trains transferred around 300,000, people to Oswiecim (Auschitz) and Treblinka. Yes, I know the number is phenomenal and hard to contemplate but it is true.

The monument here is sometimes called the Monument to the Three Hundred Thousand. A simple monument comprising a white marble covered with names, it symbolises the Wailing wall and that wall which once surrounded the Ghetto, separating Jews from the regular life of the city.

This monument is not far from the Monument to the Ghetto Heroes and Pawiak Prison; in walking distance and is one of the three monuments on the tour of the Passion Road and the Fight of the Jews. This tour covers the area where the cruelest and the bloodiest combats were fought, the granite stones with names of fighters and victims carved in Polish and Yiddish are placed along the road.

Of all the monuments in Warsaw I think this my favourite. Not because it is stunning to look at but because of what it symbolises. A time in history that should never be forgotten.
Umschlagplatz Monument
Ul. Stawki
Warsaw, Poland

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