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WOW what a wonderful time….. Beaches Sandy Bay in Negril Jamaica was one of the best vacations I have ever experienced. In 1999 when I took my very first vacation to Jamaica I knew I had to stay at a Beaches resort. Well it took me ten years but it was worth the wait. Aug 17-20 2009 I and my 12 year old son went for it. From the time we completed the customs and immigration process our Beaches experience began. We were refreshed in the spacious Beaches welcome lounge where I enjoy the refreshing taste of Red Stripe. And in no time we were whisked away to our home for three nights
We spent three nights at Beaches Sandy Bay in Negril Jamaica. From the moment we stepped foot on to the property we never wanted for anything. While we waited for our room, we were able to start enjoying our vacation (so come ready play and think about getting to your room later.) We enjoyed lunch at the open air restaurant and the beach grill. First things first for me I grab a drink from the bar and we were off to the beach. And after checking out the property our bags had been sent to our rooms and we were ready for a swim.

The water sport personal were very helpful and extremely friendly. I was able to sign my son up for snorkeling for the next morning and he was able to go alone. Everyone took great care of my son. While I tried my had at kayaking , boy that hurt. I need to get in the gym TMI. Oh yeah they got a pretty cool gym too.

Lets get back to the food. Wow you know what makes Beaches so great. If you vacation in Negril, Jamaica you are able to exchange between two resorts. If you are there for 5 days you can eat at a different restaurant each day. It’s like having two vacations in one. The food wow, the food was great I think I gained 15 pounds in 4 days. The food is great, good spices and very fresh. Something for everyone, from full meals to snacks to lighter sides. I experience customer service at its best. I went to the lunch buffet at Beaches Negril and I noticed a sign that said fresh plum juice this sounded great. But the sign was up from breakfast and was probably missed to be removed before lunch. I ask could I have a glass. No problem is what I was told. This was awesome. I can think of other situation in other places that the signed would have been removed immediately and it would have been as if I never saw it and would have been denied the beverage.

Let’s talk accommodations. I was very impressed. Like many Caribbean Island locations you may experience not so good accommodations and musty rooms. Not at Beaches Sandy Bay. Our room was very comfortable and ideally decorated. Bedding was inviting and each room was equipped with the comforts of home. Clear digital television although we did watch it much. Great furnished balcony facing the ocean. This is a plus for me, Beaches Sandy Bay every room has a stunning view of the Caribbean Sea.

This vacation could have been a disaster but it wasn’t because I was at Beaches Sandy Bay Read on…

I know I have shared a lot and it seems too good to be true. But our vacation was great. And the proof is in the pudding. I unfortunately forgot my son’s seizure medication at home by mistake.. I thought this was going to be the worst trip every. And I was ready to pack up and head back to the airport. I contacted the front desk with my panic state and they got the nurse on property at 9pm (after hours.) She was able to obtain the medication that I needed for my son by the next morning. This saved me from a world of pain as well as saved my vacation. Thank you Beaches Sandy Bay.

The value was great and I was very satisfied with my vacation. It took my son three days to recuperate. And I think I saw a tear when we boarded out van to head back to the airport to leave. He had so much fun. His biggest thrill was being able to feel safe on the property, meeting other children from all over the world. He expressed the wonderful fun and excitement of the water slides and lazy river at Beaches Negril and oh yeah not to mention the Xbox game garage, I had to pull him from there many times. Now I know why families come again and again. This place is addictive.

The entertainment if you can stay up pass 7pm we couldn’t a couple of night was great. They really cater to the younger children which I thought was great. Every thing was family friendly and when the stars go in I heard that the 18 and older fun starts. I was never able to stay up after 10pm. Your younger child will enjoy the Sesame Street characters and the interactive shows that they do. Although my 12 year old didn’t want to admit it but I think he liked it too.

Although I didn’t get married there the wedding department sold me. During my stay I witnessed two wedding. Beaches get an A+ on this one. There presentation and organized staff made me want to marry the first man I could get. I would recommend anyone planning a wedding to consider Beaches. Although I didn’t plan a wedding first hand, the end result and calm demeanor was impressive to me. The choice of locations for a most romantic and beautiful wedding seemed endless. I cried at a wedding and I didn’t even know who was getting married. They really did a great job. I never thought about this but with Beaches being a family resort everyone can be on the same property and not have to pay a resort fee for a few hours. So the whole family could be together.
If you have never though about Beaches you should I waited 10 years and it was worth the wait. I have already put a deposit down to celebrate my son’s 13th birthday there.

Nia Anderson
Charlotte, NC
Beaches Sandy Bay Ultra All-Inclusive
Seven-Mile Beach
Negril, Jamaica

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