Visit the Parrot Park and See Much More than Parrots!

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by ns1209 on September 9, 2009

Recently I went away to Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife for the third time for nearly two weeks which would explain my absence from reviewing. Now I am back and you are probably going to see a few Tenerife reviews!

I have been to the Loro Parque all three times I have been in Tenerife and think it is a brilliant tourist attraction and that if you are visiting you must go and visit it! Loro Parque is a cross between a massive fancy zoo, a conservation place and basically a brilliant tourist attraction (and it is advertised everywhere on the island!)

My favourite part of the park was the Orca show and this is the best animal show I have ever seen and something you must see if visiting Loro Parque. The Orca whales are from Seaworld in America and they do lots of clever tricks and are very interesting to watch and the show gave me lots of brilliant photos! However if you want to take pictures it may be better to sit further back as there are seats near the front labelled Splash Zone where you may get drenched by the whales! It claims to be the best Orca show in Europe and I would agree with that!

Another brilliant thing to see is Planet Penguin. Inside there are over 200 penguins in effectively a massive freezer and you watch them going along a travellator! (Not sure if this is how you spell it - correct me if I am wrong!) It really is an amazing sight to see the penguins in the biggest replica of the Antartic ever created!

The Aquarium is also amazing and one of the best aquariums I have ever been to and better than some specific aquarium attractions and includes a shark tunnel towards the end and many beautiful fish including rays, tetras and even piranhas, and a fantastic turtle.

The dolphin show is also well worth watching and the dolphins do some clever tricks, most of them involving jumping and them doing flips. The other shows available are the sealion show - which is similar to all other sealion shows and also a parrot show but this was only in Spanish which was a bit of a letdown! Loro Parque also has the largest collection of parrots in the world and these are dotted around the park in cages which are quite small to be honest. Most of the animals have nice environments to live in though and have space to move around e.t.c

For little children there is a small adventure playground with some slides and some climbing things for children 10 and younger. Nearby there is a rollercoaster which you have to pay 1 euro to use! There is also a cafe here and they sell all sorts of food and drinks but they are reasonably expensive e.g 2 and a bit Euros for a bit of French baguette with some cheese and salad.

There are also lots of plants around like catci and there are loads of big palm trees. There is also a section which just has orchids but it is quite small but the plants are pretty and this just proves how much there is to do here!

The main downside of Loro Parque however is the price and the fact that it costs over 100 Euros for a family of four to enter however if you are a Canarian resident (live in the Canary Islands) you can get in for just 19 Euros each per adult which is really cheap considering how brilliant the park is! As you can see it is expensive unless you are a resident and you also have to factor in the cost for a couple of snacks and cups of tea or coffee and the price for visiting is incredibly high! Also another thing that I thought was wrong is they classify an adult as someone over 11! I think that it should be at least 16 years and older for an adult! Other bad things are the fact the park is quite busy and because of the climate it can get very hot - well at least I thought so!

Overall though the park is great and well worth visiting if you happen to be in Tenerife. There is so much to do and see like the amazing shows, all the parrots, the aquarium, Planet Penguin and so much more that you really do have to visit!

Loro Parque was open from 8:30 - 6:45 when I went recently. You can get a free yellow bus from the middle of Puerto de la Cruz to Loro Parque but this bus has very long queues so I suggest either driving or getting a taxi there.

4/5 An amazing day out which comes with a hefty price tag!

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