Excellence Punta Cana Is Far from Excellent

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by ramsayenoch on September 7, 2009

On our first day the electronic door lock failed. It took hours to fix and we could not change for dinner because of the dress code. The front desk was barely apologetic and we had to go up the management chain to even get a proper apology.

We were moved to another room and the toilet would not flush properly we had to flush 8-12 times per use. We let our concerns be known and after two days of complaints the manger told us to WIPE AND PUT THE USED TOILET PAPER INTO THE WASTE BASKET AND NOT FLUSH IT DOWN THE TOILET. We spent our honeymoon either flushing the toilet multiple times or using the toilet in the lobby.

I am not the paranoid type but I am sure that they entered our names in a computer because every time we complained whether it was new person or someone who we saw before they would "check things out" but be really dismissive.

I would never go back to the Excellence. It is not worth $200 per night per person to not try and flush my feces down a toilet
Secrets Excellence Punta Cana
Playas Uvero Alto
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic


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