Not Suitable for Disabled

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by Topcatdc on August 20, 2009

the zoo is looking a bit dated and its certainly not suitable for disabled people whether there in a wheelchair or use crutches .
even children in there buggys(strollers) is hard work pushing them up the banks.
the zoo is built on a very steep hill .
and the paths and road that zig zag the place are very slippy .
there is a little train to take you to the top of the zoo some 800 mtrs to the sumit of the park and this was the easyest way to get round . droped at the top and walk down was definatly a good idear. you cannot hire electric scooters or wheel chairs .
its not all bad news though a consesion and helper gets in for about £12 you do pay to park .£3-50 but take your blue badge in to the pay point and you get it back . there are about 12 disabled parking bays .

note take a picnic as the prices are a bit steep for food and drinks.
(2 ice cream cones small £2-60)
you can always pop back to your car with the empty basket so your not carrying it around all day.

my family and i did enjoy the day
but i definatly wont be going back if i can help it

Edinburgh Zoo
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Edinburgh, Scotland, EH12 6TS
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