The Party Is Over At Hedo II

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by FormerHedoFan on August 12, 2009

At Hedo II, you can no longer be wicked for five minutes, never mind a week.

"Public sex is not permitted at Hedo and any couples who continue will be escorted off the property." - Kevin Levee, Hedo II General Manager told a room full of angry guests.

Nobody goes to Hedo for the rude staff, below average food and boring dinner entertainment. People go to play or watch. To do things they do not do at home. To be wicked for a week.

But, those days are over at Hedo. Now, if your nude wife sits on your lap in the hot tub, the sex police will run up to the edge of the hot tub and ask you to stop.

How romantic to be watched by Jamaica's finest rent-a-cops.

A married couple can' t have sex in public at Hedo anymore, but it's okay for locals to peddle crack cocaine in the disco every night.

This 7-time repeat client will not be back.
Hedonism II
Negril, Jamaica
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