The Great Wall of China

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The Great Wall has been high on my "must see" list for many years. So it was with much excitement and anticipation the morning I finally got to see it. I am happy to report it was everything I expected it to be and more. What a truly remarkable example of human effort and accomplishment.

The day we visited was overcast and gray but even though the quality of our pictures suffered, the weather only added to the dramatic effects.

As far as we could see the Great Wall stretched up and down the hills and mountains, hugging the cliffs as it winded its way along, disappearing into valleys and appearing again in the distance, as far as we could see. How long is it? We wondered. No one seemed sure but estimates are saying over 10,000 km, some say much more. We are told it dates back to several hundred years BC. You had to wonder, how did they ever do it? It is truly amazing.

Here is a word of warning. Take care! The wall is much higher than it looks. We climbed, huffing and puffing, the many steps to the first platform. It’s important to remember however ...what we saw at the top of our climb was, yet more stairs to the next platform and so on and so on, into the horizon. No need to try to reach the end. We saw many sitting on the steps trying to catch their breath. Our legs were aching for days and we only climbed a minute part of this incredible wall.

It is one of the top Wonders of the World and a thrill of a lifetime to see..
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