Too Big for One Day

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by oldscratch on August 5, 2009

Despite driving on one of the longest day of the year, we soon realized that there was no way we were going to start the day in Bozeman and see all the Yellowstone attractions and still make it through Grand Teton National Park and to Teton Village for dinner. So what follows are a few highlights restricted to just a few hours and slightly hurried drive along the Western edge of the park.

* The drive from Livingston, Montana on highway 89 to the North Entrance of the park was itself really spectacular and included supernaturally green, rolling hills and, of course, miles of big sky.

* The North Entrance is a really evocative structure and instantly takes you back to the park's early days in the 30's and 40's.

* Mammoth Hot Springs made for some some spectacular photographs of what the French call nature morte. See, in particular the photo attached to this review.

* Driving along the road we saw a number of bison and later read that we were probably too close for comfort as several people are injured by bison every year. (We never did figure out the difference between a bison and a buffalo, though.)

* Fountain Paint Pot was a great place to see gurgling, steaming mud bubbling out of the ground.

* Old Faithful is fairly impressive, but be prepared to wait around, both for the Geyser and traffic. It's worth noting that Yellowstone is filled with less famous geysers, some of which were if not more impressive than at least more colorful, so I wouldn't feel awful about skipping this one.
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