Great Hotel, but Not for Everyone

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by mikeef on August 3, 2009

Okay, we're back from what was supposed to be two nights there but turned into one night due to a mechanical at our friendly neighborhood airline.

About ten days before the trip, we called our Virtuoso TA and told him we hadn't heard from a pre-arrival concierge. He called them, and within an hour, we had an email. We requested dinner reservations and asked them to put juices, soda and water in our minibar. The PAC (Ava) did note that the juices are extra.

After a number of mechanicals on the way to LAS, we found ourselves short a day and had our TA call the SkyLofts and cut our trip from two days to one. They did so without a problem (We were staying at the FS before the SkyLofts, so we gave them 72 hrs.).

We arrived on our own on Monday afternoon. The room was ready, so three people (the check-in person, butler and bellman) accompanied us up to our suite. No upgrade to a 2-bedroom, so we're 0 for 3 with upgrades. I never know who to tip in these situations, so we tipped the bellman and butler.

The SkyLofts seems to have evolved from a strict luxury feel to more of a very upscale W (without the attitude). There was tons of mood lighting and the concierge mentioned that they open up the bar area in the lobby for drinks from 6-10, which we could conveniently charge to our suite. The room next to us had five 20-somethings in it who were pretty loud. Cigarette smoked seeped into the hall at one point, although it was gone within minutes. We also noticed a large family. Other than that, we saw virtually none of the other guests.

The suite itself was fine. They gave the typical welcome juice (Seriously, leave out the vanilla extract.) and the butler refreshed me on how to use the coffee maker and TV controls. The technology is over the top but quite clunky, particularly as it pertained to the TV and the lighting. There was no welcome platter of berries or little chocolate statue that they had given us in the past, only a small box of four chocolates. They had a nice mixture of green and white Bulgari amenities, although the green mysteriously disappeared, only to turn up later in my wife's bag. A request later for more green got us white, which was quickly exchanged for green.

Room service was from the Chinese restaurant Pearl and had a $15 surcharge. I don't remember if they had previously added a surcharge for Butler room service from a restaurant.

The temperature in the loft, particularly on the upstairs level, is definitely a problem. You could only set the temperature down to 65, but a call to the desk revealed that it would never actually go below 70. No one was able to explain why, although they did offer to send up a fan.

Other than that, the only other issue we had was when they called us shortly after 10 pm to ask us if it was okay to send an engineer over to fix the sink. Um, we hadn't requested someone to do so. Yes, we're sure. Oh, we like to go to sleep early, so please don't call us anymore.

The next morning, we had breakfast at the Mansion (instead of our Continental breakfast, which would have been free). The food was excellent, but you are really paying for the atmosphere. There was only one other couple in the courtyard with us, so we lounged for a while. It was the first time that I had ever spent $100 for breakfast, though.

Checkout was quick. Since we were able to drop off our rental car at the Dollar counter at MGM, we got the Maybach to the airport. Too bad that the driver didn't tunnel us on the return; it was a great ride.

Okay, so the verdict. We had a nice stay. There were a few glitches and I could see how some thought the service was a bit mechanical, but it's one of the few luxury hotels in Vegas that I would return to. We loved the isolation and the ability to cocoon in the room. The rate, with Virtuoso, turned out to be about $500, with a $100 F&B credit thrown in.

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