Absolutely the Worst Trip of My Life!

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by emiejo on July 26, 2009

Absoltely Horrid place!
Everything was wrong from the moment of the arrival. The "welcome room" was highly over-eggagerated. We were treated like cattle, placed on a filthy bus and subjected to one of the most frightening rides ever. The welcome from the staff was cool and they seemed bothered by our arrival. No instruction was ever given about anything...the activities were scheduled but never came to fruition. We'd show up and none of the staff would be there.
The room was dirt, the beds full of fleas nightly, the jacuzzi filter had a hairball the size of my palm, the hand shower was broken, the balcony door was broken....
The food was "okay" but not "Five star" at all. There were ALWAYS flies and gnats on the food and everyone responded to minor requests at a snails pace.
I cannot stress enough....unless you want to drink from sun up to sundown, or enjoy sun sports...this is NOT the place to go. It is a HUGE amount of money that does not deliver on its promises.
Breezes Grand Resort and Spa Negril
Norman Manley Blvd.
Negril, Jamaica
(866) 539-0036


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