A Nice Little Picnic Spot

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Oakridge Farm Market is in the dairy farmland area that is located in the rural suburbs of Boston. It is difficult to imagine that this is less than an hour from the city as it is located in the quaint and seemingly quiet community of Lancaster. More importantly on this day, it was located just a couple of miles past the soccer complex hosting the US Youth Soccer National Championships. For me, it would be my lunch stop for the afternoon.

From Hwy70 it looks much like the farmer's roadside stores you see in other parts of the country, including Wisconsin. It is more than a roadside stand, however. "Under new ownership" signs are on the front of the building so I cannot comment to "before" or "after" affects only about how it was for my visit in July 2009.

As you enter, the first thing I noticed was the full table of beautiful yellow bananas. Not exactly what I would expect to find in a local community farm stand but I suppose they have to bring in much of what they sell given the seasonality of many fruits and vegetables.

From here there was a wall full of shelves of jellies, jams, bread spreads and locally tapped maple syrup. As much as I love real 100% dark amber maple, I just couldn't bring myself to spend the $15 for approximately 10 or 12 ounces.

As you walk through the large barn-like structure, there are other locally made products including pickles, relishes and sauces. The also had an assortment of jarred fruits (peaches, apples, pears). Another section had a nice selection of fresh garden vegetables and some locally grown blueberries and strawberries.

To the back of the store was what I was looking for . . . the deli counter with a well stocked eight foot case filled with meats, salads and other refrigerated items. I placed my order for a turkey sandwich on a kaiser with lettuce and mayo. Using Boar's Head provisions (mmmmm good!), I was surprised that my sandwich was just $3.99 given the generous portion of meat provided. They also had all of the other deli type meats and cheeses ready to be sliced to order, that you would expect and might want to buy by the pound to take home.

They also had a dairy and bakery area with locally made butter, milk and ice cream. The bakery case was filled with danishes, cookies, cakes, pies and other sweets.

As they made my sandwich I wandered to round out my little impromptu picnic lunch. I picked up some locally made potato chips (dill pickled flavored, just for the experience), a black cherry soda (in a long neck bottle) and a chocolate chunk cookie from the bakery. My total lunch bill came to just $9.00.

Out on the front porch they have several tables with chairs as well as some picnic tables out on the front yard under some large shade trees. It really was the perfect location to sit and enjoy my lunch, watching the world go by after my morning of soccer.

If you are in or near Lancaster, I would encourage you to stop in at the Oakridge Farm Market to pick up a lunch to go.

P.S. Sorry to not have photos to add but I ran my camera battery dead shooting the soccer games earlier in the day.
Oakridge Farm Market
1543 Lunenburg Rd.
Lancaster, Massachusetts
(978) 537-4777


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