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Member Rating 4 out of 5 by MilwVon on July 24, 2009

During my time in Westford, the Westford Grille served as a nice place to get away from the hotel to have a meal and do a little business. During my four day weekend in the Boston area, I enjoyed two very nice dining experiences there.

On my first night in town three of us headed over to "The Grille" for supper. We arrived at around 7:00pm on a Thursday night and had about a 20 minute wait. For those who might choose to, there is a nice bar right off the entrance by the hostess stand. Instead, we sat and waited patiently on the benches catching up since the last time we saw each other back in March in San Jose.

Once seated, our server immediately arrived with water and to take our beverage orders. We had been advised that the menu had recently changed, which of course was lost on us being from out of town. The menu was a bit schizophrenic in my opinion . . . bit steakhouse grill (as the name implies) . . . a bit New England seafood (as you would expect in a suburb of Boston) . . . and even a little Italian. Ironically, our group dined on each of these three choices.

By all reports the pork chops and chicken parmesan were very good. I had the broiled haddock with a baked potato and asparagus. The fish was light and flakey with a wonderful crumb breading coating. While they also offered a wonderful assortment of desserts, we did pass. Entrees were served with your choice of sides which could include soup or chowder, dinner salad, choice of potatoes or vegetables (of the day). Dinner was also served with a fresh loaf of dark bread.

I was so pleased with our dining experience and still not familiar enough with the village to make any other suggestion, I suggested that we go there the following afternoon for an impromptu lunch meeting. Serving more of a sandwich and light entree menu, many of the dinner choices were also found on their afternoon choices.

Sandwiches, however, were the choice of the day. Our meals included a reuben, pulled bbq pork and fried haddock sandwiches, everyone was very pleased with the size and flavors of our sandwiches. For sides, everyone opted for the sweet potato fries which were wonderful.

Overall, prices at the Westford Grille were moderate and very fair. Dinner entrees ranged from $15 to $26 (prime steaks) while the sandwiches were between $8 and $10. They offer a wide assortment of salads and appetizers as well. If you want to sample some of what folks come to expect in this region of the country, the appetizers are a good choice.

One last comment about the Westford Grille, their dining areas are compartmentalized which provides for smaller private dining areas to be created for those who may be looking for a place to hold a special event or meeting over a wonderful meal.

More information, including hours of operation and menus may be found at www.westfordgrille.com.

Westford Grille
142 Littleton Rd
Westford, Massachusetts, 01886-3153
(978) 392-0684


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