Antica Roma Gelateria (near Plaza Espana): the Worst in Rome

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by Melodie Smith on July 8, 2009

We were in Rome last week, my husband and my two kids were having a great time walking around the beautiful streets near Plaza Espana. We stopped in ANTICA ROME GELATERIA, located in Via Propaganda, few blocks from Plaza Espana. While waiting for our turn we saw the employee serving the ice creams kicking out an American family who just bought several ice creams from the tables. He just told them: "No sitting, you can not sit here, go out!!" Immediately after that a Japanese couple (who saw also his actions) asked him if they can sit in the table and he told them: "Yes, please sit here" (but they have not even bought an ice cream !!). But the worst came when I place our order: I order a small cup and a big cone. The employee told me: You can not have the big cone, too expensive for you! I told him that he does not know who I am and if I have money or not, however he continued arguing that I can not afford the big cone and that " he was tired of people like us that ask for big ice creams that later we can not pay". My husband and I were shock by his stupid argument so we took the small ice cream and through it in his face and leave the place. Obviously this "Gelateria" has problems with American tourists….With all the great gelaterias in the area there is not need to go to that one..
Gelateria Antica Roma
Via Di Propaganda, 26
Rome, Italy

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