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Member Rating 5 out of 5 by will work for love on July 6, 2009

My trip began on a warm California day on a motorcycle ride w/ my boyfriend on the 405 (which is free). He had never been to my favorite place on earth, The J. Paul Getty Museum. So what kind of girlfriend would I be, if I never took him to the The Getty.

He was instantly amazed by the massive structure and natural beauty of his surroundings...and that was just the tram ride! He was amazed at how beautiful the ride was, seeing homes on the hill and the ocean on a clear day.

His first impression were astoundment. He was greeted by volunteers/docents when stepping on/off the tram and upon arriving to the main entrance to the The Getty. He was immediately overwhelmed by what a magnificant waterfountain flowed down the center of the main stairs.

As he walked those stairs, I could tell he was "impressed". He isn't by any means "artsy". So for him to WANT to see & explore was all the satisfaction i needed.

we first went to the Introduction tour of how Mr. J. Paul Getty founded the museum and where tour are located and what to expect while on your tour of this amazing museum.

Then we proceeded to the Gardens. Where I saw the most brilliant display of colors from the lush landscape (floating in a huge pond) in a circluar pattern. And had to take pictures of the flowing brook that was covered by wildflowers (that smelled so sweet).

I have to admitt, he was pleasantly surprised to find out they served "Corona's" at They Getty. We have pictures to commorate this special occasion. lol.

We saw the exhibit of photos from what looked to be nude artistry from the 1940-1960's era. My boyfriend kept saying, "anyone can take these photo's. What's so special?". I had to explain that art, like most things in life, is left up to each individuals "eye" and imagination of what that piece means to them at that time. Light, feelings, thoughts all go into what makes a photo, picture, sculture or painting. I think he understood, cause he smiled at a photo right before leaving the exhibit...

Finally our day concluded with my favorite artist, Mr. Vincent Van Gogh. It still amazes me, that no matter how many times I've seen his work, I still want to smile and stay there for hours stareing. Although, Starry Night is my favorite (in NY), "Irises" is my second. I didnt know previous times going that you could take a picture of it (no flash though), so I was THRILLED to have my first picture of "Irses" in my scrapbook of my trip to The J.Paul Getty with my love.

Im truely happy to share this experience. And although, there was more I could have written, I hope you go to the wonderful museum with someone special and have as great of day as I did.


"In my opinion, an individual without any love of the arts cannot be considered completely civilized".--J.Paul Getty
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