Not What We Expected

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by Always realistic on July 4, 2009

Upon check-in the clerk was very nice and helpful. The scenery was fantastic and lovely lobby. The rest of the stay was disappointing. We paid $246.00 for this:
a.) An elevator that takes up to 5 minutes before opening and when it opens it's full and therefore you have to wait for the next stop. The housekeepers even have to use the same elevator which takes up space. These were the smallest elevators i have ever seen. Literally this elevator can only hold 3 people and their luggage( about 2 bags a piece).
b.) The carpets in the hallway give a funny odor at times because for one thing i noticed, they don't keep it vaccumed throughout the day. People trafficking water from the pool and beach can be a damp odor and i don't think this hotel uses strategies such as treating their carpets periodically to remain freshness.
c.) Our room number was 707. Entering the room it was ok, but nothing to make you jump for after you almost paid about 300 bucks for one night. Floor not well vaccumed as there was a ball of hair in the corner of my closet. Also there was trash still on the floor by the couch.As i went to place some items in a drawer i noticed that it hadn't been wiped out well so i just took the next drawer under it. We are not complainers so we didn't notify housekeeping.....we just went out and enjoyed our day.
d.) Their pools are nice but i don't understand why they don't keep housekeeping of two shifts. Pool towels were everywhere and you didn't know whether a chair was taken or not cause towels were laying in them.
e.)This review would not had been written if it wasn't for what i noticed the morning of checkout. I went to lift my pillow and noticed a stain that i was to tired to even think about noticing that night. I further inspected the other pillows and noticed that these stains were on all the pillowcases. Nothing yucky looking but you still don't want to be lying on spots you know nothing about or as to where they came from. Ok so noisy me took the pillowcases off of the pillows and what did i see........pillows that looked like they had been slept on for 10 years. They were saggy and stained. I was more noisy and took the sheets off to look at the mattress had a stain to. I know these weren't fresh stains. My guess is that even if they wash linen and stuff doesn't come out......they just keep on using it. It saves them money but yet they are steady ripping off the guests and too cheap to buy us the quality and luxury of the expense we are spending.
Last but not necessarily least, the breakfast buffet was not good.
You pay almost 11 dollars for food that is not kept warm very well in those heat pans. Especially the eggs were not hot and even the pancakes were cold. It was bad eating buffet with the flies as they did not keep their food covered.
I wll not be visiting this hotel again. To those of you who wish to.....good luck.
Sheraton Oceanfront Hotel
Virginia Beach, Virginia, 23451

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