Grand Canyon - YES, NO

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by havinfun21 on June 21, 2009

I booked our south Rim tour from the website. I was booking for six people so I read many different websites. I chose this one because the price was $83.88/person. Many others stated that there would be an additional fuel surcharge, but this one didn't. I booked with a deposit on my card of $118.00. I was emailed an email stating I would get a confirmation in 24 hours. Two days later I received an email stating 233.88 was billed to my credit card that included all taxes and a 7% group rate. An additional amt. of $300.00 would be due on the day of departure. Day of departure charged $360.00. It wound up to be 98.88 / person. None of this was on the website.

The tour is now being called Air Bridge-- Pickup from hotel @6:15 am, a few more stops and then taken to an empty building. Breakfast one juice and a sweet roll. We board the bus at 8 am. The bus is a double decker with very little leg room. We stop on the Arizona side and see Hoover Dam. Next stop is in Kingman at a truck stop with a Subway in it. Very poor choice. There weren't enough staff to service a couple of tour buses. Why not Wendy's or someplace similar? The scenery was interesting and our bus driver was very nice. We were shown a movie on the Grand Canyon and then a feature movie, a western that was filmed in the area. About 1:15 we arrive at the National Geographic Visitors Center to view an IMAX movie about the Grand Canyon and to eat lunch. The choice of food was good and the service was quick. There is a nice gift shop too.

We are now five minutes away from the Grand Canyon. We get back on the bus and find out the bus has a flat tire. The driver handled the situation very well and we were only delay about 45 minutes to getting to the Grand Canyon. When we get there we decide it was all worth it. Even if it is a very long trip. The website promised two spots to view the canyon, but we were told the morning of the trip we would only see two. The ride back was very long. The only stop again was at that truck stop with very few bathrooms and only one girl to make sandwiches for 80 people. The bus driver Gene was great. The company had another bus waiting to take half the people to their hotels so that one bus didn't have all the drop-offs. We finally got back to our hotel at 1 am.

I would not use this company again because of their deceptive practices about their fees and their choice of rest stops. If you go bring extra food. With everything I didn't like about the tour it was still worth going to the Grand Canyon.
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