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More than just the most picturesque and well known image in Auckland – the SkyTower and adjoining 'SkyCity' offer a lot for those visiting the city.

Apart from the accommodation and shopping of the CDB, SkyCity offers a good selection of options for the visitor, all in one place.

The Sky Tower itself is impressive, and does leave the impression of having 'arrived' in the city the moment you catch sight of it, much as does the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Space needle in Seattle.

The feeling of having landed somewhere new and seeing the symbol it's so well known for is always a pleasant and exillerating moment in any journey.

But this Sky Tower has more to offer than just nostalgic moments in travel or great photo opportunities.
The Sky Tower itself is a hot spot for those who have come to New Zealand craving a bit of it's renowned love of Xtreme sports. You can actually jump from the Sky Tower in a slow moving, wire maneuvered descent to the bottom. Bungee jumping from the top is also an option, and something you will almost certainly experience when you pass by on your way to it. The distant sound of excited screams can almost always be heard around the base of the Sky Tower.

Do be aware though that these activities are very expensive. Worth doing if you have travelled around the globe to do so, but you will pay well for it. The slow descent jump is also, in my opinion, a great way to break yourself in if you're not quite ready yet for the full on bungee or sky dive experience. Not to mention it's a little bit different.

But if you're not interested in actually jumping off of it – feel free to catch in amazing views of the city and go up it.

Inside the Sky Tower is SkyCity. It offers many options for the Auckland visitor in anything from an I-site downstairs (tourist information Info) to a fine dining area near the top with amazing views and wonderful food.
As well as everything in between.

There are a number of cafes and restaurants throughout the tower. There are also a number of bars, clubs, and casinos for the visitors to take part in.

All of this is somewhat costly – and you will need a pass to go up the Sky Tower at all.

Whatever you decide you want to make of your stay in Auckland – it is worth a visit to the Sky Tower, if for no other reason than to use it as a starting point, get a good look at the city and decide where and how you want to proceed from there.
Sky Tower
Victoria Street at Federal Street
Auckland, New Zealand, 1001
+64 (9) 363 6000

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