An essential part of the Montreal Experience...

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by meadowzephyr on June 4, 2009

A coffee at Starbucks would began our day. But as we sipped away discussing what musicians were currently being played we were unaware of the delights that would await.

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is essential visit for any art lover. What is most impressive about the museam is the variety of pieces. Paintings are varied, intriguing from a variety of eras. There is a stunning exibit featuring glass pieces.

The African Art exibit does an excellent job of not only presenting the art from the continent but establishing the context and culture of the art.

Particularly arresting was a temporary modern art piece deliberatelly placed in the middle of 18th century art. It was a sculpture depicting monkeys attacking a an overweight monkey. According to the artist It was a representation of the modern consumerist society. While I had mixed emotions about the piece itself, the willingness of the musuem itself to take such a leap at place per the artist's request was impressive.

I remember that the staff was particularly friendly and helpful and the overall arrangement was logical and well thought out.

An enjoyable visit to a fine art museam in the Paris of North America.
Montreal Museum Of Fine Arts
1379 Sherbrooke West
Montreal, Quebec, H3G 2T9
(514) 285-1600

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