AWFUL Food at the Highest Price I've Ever Paid!

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by kkamandrew on May 28, 2009

We went in to the one on Superior and ordered a large, 3 topping DD pizza, and cheesy bread for carry out. Cost's were conveniently not posted, but hey, it's just pizza right. WRONG. We were rung up and told the price was over $45.00!!! Yes, I could have left, but we were hungry, and it's sucker in me paid, and was told to wait for the next 45 minutes in a corner of a hallway with 1 chair (and 5 people waiting).
The place was filthy, the cooking staff was spending more time eating and talking than working (including the manager on duty). Over 1 hour later our pizza arrived. We we're rudely "shoved off" as though we were miscreants for ordering carry-out.
Back in the hotel, I can honestly say it was one of the worst pizza's I've ever had. It was closer to eating cornmeal lasagna than any pizza. It had sickly sweet sauce, and even after an hour the crust was still undercooked.
I'd complain to the restaurant management, but I'm sure all I'd get is an "are you talkin’ to me?"
Trust me when I tell you to avoid this tourist trap at all costs. It’s a HUGE rip off!
Gino's East
633 N Wells St
Chicago, Illinois, 60610
(312) 943-1124

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