Monasterio Is Awesome! I Totally Disagree

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by mssrhowe on May 25, 2009

I cannot disagree more with the previous reviewer.

We have had the distinct pleasure to stay at Monasterio twice. And on both occasions it performed at the 5+ Star level.

Monasterio is expensive. And like most expensive hotels the world over, every amenity costs you even more (internet, meals, minibar, tours, etc.). It doesn't matter whether you are in New York, Florence, Dubai, St. Petersburg, Mexico City or Cuzco.

Everything about Monasterio is top notch and perfectly maintained. In contrast to the previous reviewer, we found the service absolutely amazing. The staff was literally tripping over themselves to help us at all times.

Monasterio does have some smaller rooms (but almost all rooms are large for Cuzco and well appointed). If you happen to end up in one not to your liking do not hesitate to register your displeasure and you will be shown to another room more to your liking.

We , also, travel a lot and we have been lucky enough to stay at some pretty fabulous places around the world.

But we are just normal people. We travel with a backpack and normally stay at regular hotels. But in every destination city we visit, we like to stay one night in a really fantastic hotel.

Monasterio is so good, we have stayed there twice.

Hotel Monasterio Del Cuzco
Cusco, Peru
51 84 24 1777

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