Amazing Sights for Free on the Strip

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Since we did not manage evening activities, other than dining, we did not see any shows nor gamble at the casinos, although gambling seems to be something which can be done 24/7. In any event, we did manage to do some shopping in the many shops attached to the hotels along the Strip. While walking up and down the Strip we were well amused to spent a lot of time just looking at the themed hotels.

A couple of things to note about walking the Strip: everyone tells you how long the blocks are but you just don’t appreciate that comment until you try to walk somewhere. Crossing the Strip itself, Las Vegas Boulevard to be exact, takes longer than you think. The traffic signals show 45 seconds and it takes all of that walking at a brisk pace. The pedestrian overpasses become something you really appreciate especially when walking with people who are slow. Most of them even have escalators, although, early in the morning, they were stopped, and I understand, they get turned off late a night. The late nights were not a problem for our group.

The most interesting hotel sights:
The Bellagio with its fountains synchronized to music and the colourful glass flowers by Dale Chihuly in the lobby ceiling
Paris – just too funny to see the pint sized Eiffel Tower
New York New York with the petite Statute of Liberty and the Coney Island roller coaster riders whose screams you can hear from a long way off
The pyramid and Sphinx of the Luxor
The Venetian hotel canals, mini Rialto Bridge, Doge’s Palace replica and St. Marks Square – but what is with the heavy perfume smell inside?
Caesar’s Palace with the ancient Roman statuary outside and people posing as statues on the inside
The painted ceiling of the Miracle Mile shops, formerly Aladdin's Desert

The Las Vegas Strip provided some great eye candy and all for free.
Las Vegas Strip
Las Vegas Boulevard
Las Vegas, Nevada

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