Best Meal of our Trip

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by artslover on May 1, 2009

Our last dinner was at Picasso at the Bellagio. The restaurant faces the lake where you can see the fountains but sitting at ground level and at such close proximity, we discovered was not an ideal spot to watch. When we were outside or even across the street, the fountain show was much more spectacular since you saw the full effect. In any event, the food was our main entertainment.

One warning, the restaurant menu does not have a la carte. You chose either a five course degustation menu or a four course prix fixe. There are some additions, for an extra charge, also possible. One of our group was having trouble deciding between the two menus and was allowed to pick from both, although he was told never to tell anyone else.

Both the grandmothers protested that they could not eat so many courses and wanted to have only one item. They were talked into picking something from each course and if they were too full, not to eat it. In the end, they both ate every bite. We even managed to polish off the tray of small pastries that arrived after our dessert course was over.

The menu can be found at:

The wine list was the length of a Russian novel with a lot of items that would have required remortgaging our house in order to pay for them. It was an interesting read nonetheless and in the end, we found some not unreasonably priced bottles to order.

The dinner was incredibly delicious and the wait staff was some of the best -- efficient, charming, informative and entertaining. It was a great dining experience for everyone. As we left, the ladies were given cookies in a small box with a magnetic enclosure. It was a cute souvenir. We are now all trying to decide what we can use the box for.

The meal was very expensive: food was about $120 per person.
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