Chocolate Smorgasbord - Menu Please!

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Carmen on April 28, 2009

Of all of the chocolate shops in Brussels, this was the one where we elected to spend the most money. Neuhaus chocolate is one of the finest in Brussels, and located on the Grand Place just a few doors down from the more-famous Godiva, and a few doors up from the "I see it everywhere in Belgium" Leonidis, where the chocolate costs less because it’s machine- and not hand-made.

Neuhaus made it easy to select our chocolate goodies. Well, as easy as it can be to pick around 20 pieces out of the tantalizing hundreds. There’s a small pamphlet on the counter, which serves as kind of a menu, with a picture of the chocolate and a description of what’s inside in several different languages. We purchased 250 grams in a nice box so it wouldn’t get smooshed by the evil airport for between 15 and 20 Euro (depending on final weight.) A small price to pay for chocolate at the shop that invented the praline (filled chocolate.)

Thanks to our Rick Steves guide, we started with a piece called "Caprice" which is toffee with vanilla cream - my favorite, so I got two of those. There was one shaped like a dollar, which suited my day-trading handsome significant other, which was hazelnut. The prestige is a yummy caramel filling, and the Manon Choco Cafe is a coffee butter cream. The classic truffle is just that, with chocolate butter cream and cocoa powder. Hungry yet? Let me tell you that when we arrived home, we ate the chocolates over two nights with gusto, and enjoyed every one. Is it crazy to want to spend $20 on shipping alone to order more on the Internet?

There was a slight communication barrier, as both of the workers in the shop spoke predominantly French, but with my 4 years of the language in college (which I nearly failed) and their broken English, we managed.

Why didn’t we eat them there? Well, there were many samples to be had everywhere, and we just wanted to save the best for last, when we could really savor them without being rushed and enjoy them to the fullest.

If you don’t get some chocolate here, then your just not the chocoholic you claim to be.

61 Avenue Louise
Brussels, Belgium, 1000
+32 2 544 06 00

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