A Waste of Time

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by rosie329 on April 19, 2009

Our visit here was pretty awful. First of all One of us is handicapped and walks with a cane and they put us at the end of the hotel which is about half a mile from the lobby. We were exhausted just getting to the lobby never mind getting to the pool or beach which were lovely scenery, that's all. There is nothing going on here. No bar. No people. No entertainment. Far away from all the activity. You have to drive to Kona for any activity or interesting shops. If you want quiet I guess this is the place. If you want any life at all stay away from here.
I would also reinforce the comment about the $50 Continental Breakfast. Wow And it isn't even special!!! You'd have to be crazy to stay here.
Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel
62-100 Kauna' oa Drive
Hapuna Beach, Hawaii
1(800) 882-6060


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