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Member Rating 1 out of 5 by dublinpartier on April 11, 2009

After opening tabs upstairs we relocated downstairs. After realizing the guys were going to stay down there playing games one of our party returned upstairs to settle her tab. The short young bouncer with baseball cap then informed her she had to stand in a long line in order to go back down to the rest of her party. There was no line when we went down so she was unaware of this. My daughter-in-law received a call from her and went up to see why she couldn't come back down. My husband and I were leaving to drive to Dublin and went up a minute later. I witnessed the door to downstairs slam loudly and my daughter-in-law very upset. They bouncer had yelled right in her face to go back downstairs and slammed the door against her foot. We had had one drink so we were not "drunk and obnoxious". However, the bouncer was very obnoxious. When I told him the rest of the party was downstairs he rudely told me there was a fire code and the girl would have to stand in line like everyone else and be let in 2 at a time. Two of us were leaving so I asked to let her go get the rest of the party. He rudely raised his voice to me-a 55 yr old -agian.
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