Great Place to Eat

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by BowdenWV on March 28, 2009

This very remote Swiss-German village was settled in the 1800's.
If you like Swiss or German food this is one of the very few authentic places to eat for hundreds of miles. I have been to Germany 13 times and stay for at least a month at a time and eat locally so I have a pretty good idea of what real German food should taste like. This is the real thing!! I have been to two other places in the Cannan Valley that claim to have German food but they were both terrible. While you wait for your order you can explore the interesting stuff all over this converted home. It is a real jewel. All the food on the menu is first rate. The Sunday buffett is amazing and it is nothing to see people who have driven two hours just to eat here. It is a must stop if you are on a motorcycle trip.
After eating take a walk and pull up a chair near the beautiful stream and just relax.
The Hutte
Corner of Pickens and Czar Roads
Helvetia, West Virginia

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