An Amazing Feat of Architecture!

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by morph! on March 24, 2009

When you think how old the Pantheon is, built in an era without cranes or electricity, it really makes you appreciate the building even more! Built with a diameter equal to its height and a dome for a ceiling - with a hole in the top for light to radiate in, it is a work of art!
I didn't realise the Pantheon is actually a Catholic Church, with Masses throughout the week and an area set aside for quiet prayer. All around the circular church are smaller chapels and shrines.
Get the guidebook out, because there's plenty to pick up here that's not obvious initially! From statues to the tomb of Raphael, there's lots to look at. I particularly liked the human sized crib. I'm not sure whether it's there all year round, but it was certainly still there in the first week of February, with the crib figures all life size just as you go inside.
We wanted to make sure we'd picked everything up so we paid a euro and used the audio guide at the right of the building as you come up to the altar. It was great!
One word of warning when it's wet: don't stand in the middle! Remember that the Pantheon has a hole in the roof!
Piazza della Rotonda
Rome, Italy, 00186
+39 0668300230

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