A Stunning Way to Spend the Day

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by morph! on March 24, 2009

Rome wet and rainy? While the Sistine Chapel is the reason most people come here, the museums actually stretch for miles, with valuables from all over the earth congregated in one building: the perfect way to spend a rainy day!
You pay in to the museums - I think it was around 14 euros for us -and once you're through the security you're guaranteed a brilliant day.
From Ancient Egyptian rooms to churches containing priceless works of art, this place has something for everyone to see. We opted for the tour that would take us to the Sistine Chapel, but on the way we were directed through corridors, salons and chapels, covered in embellishment and hours of artistic work.
What astounded me was the way every square centimetre was filled with art in these halls. From long narrow passageways with detailed maps painted on the walls and portraits on the ceilings to wide open 'parlours' with religious art everywhere, it would take a year to take all the sights in!
And that was before we arrived at the Sistine Chapel. This is astounding itself. There are benches arranged all around the walls for tourists to sit and stare in amazement. The sheer scale of the chapel is enough to take your breath away, Michaelangelo's painting jumping out from the wall, three dimensional and vast. Be prepared to be astounded!
This is somewhere you'll return to time and time again. There's no way you could take it all in in one visit!
Vatican Museums
Viale Vaticano
Rome, Italy, 00165
0039 06 69884676


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