Big Rip-Off, Stay Away!!

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by hlstr on March 20, 2009

We went to the outside Gondola. We had to wait in a heat for 10 min. and finally 5 guys came over singing - o.k., could we get on a boat or do we have to keep waiting in this heat while you guys sing? Anyway, finally we got on the Gondola. Bad thing was we were 3rd and 4th people in the line, and we had to sit on the backward regardless of the fact that we paid the same amount. I thought, "oh, well, maybe they'll switch the direction and we'll face forward when we go back." It never happen, and the boat went underneath of a bridge. As soon as it passed, the guy who was operating our boat started heading back - you got to be kidding us!! It wouldn't have taken 3 minutes for the whole ride if he hadn't been rowing really really painfully sloooow to stretch to 10 min. During it, he sang but he was by far not a good singer and it was definitely not impressive. After the ride, he expected us to give him a tip and a photographer tried to sell us packages of $25+, $35+ pictures. Are you kidding us? $16 a person for this sorry-a-ss ride and extra money? I don't think so!! If you're a couple who want to ride with just 2 of you, they charge $64 for this "shame on you, how dare you can collect this amount for this shi-tty ride???"
It still makes us upset that they ripped us off like this.

Later we saw a much longer stretch of inside canal and pilots who could really "sing". If you don't mind everyone in the shopping mall stare at you guys, go for this one instead. The outside one was a real joke. Never waste your money on this. I've never seen anything so horrible like this one. They should be really ashamed of themselves.
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