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Paradise Cove

Our family recently participated in a Paradise Cove Luau in Oahu, Hawaii. It was quite pleasant and an absolute joy for the kids. There were games, crafts, music, canoe rides, dancing…I mean we really had a great time!

The lowest available price I was able to find was on The price included roundtrip transportation, all activities/games, Luau and the buffet meal/drinks. I decided not to book anything until we arrived on the island because on our last visit we booked in advance and got rained out most of our activities three days in a row. Yet just so happens we were able to luck out by going to a Time Share presentation and get the family of four in for only $40.00 total (read my review on timeshares in Hawaii.)

The bus driver and the bus host were so comical. We had cousin James and cousin Brunson. He told great jokes non-stop. Trust me there were A LOT of jokes because traffic on the island at 5:00pm is horrible and you go about 10mph. The journey from Waikiki was maybe 40minutes or so.

Upon arrival to Paradise Cove you remain with your bus group. Their personnel greet you with smiles and your first drink. You stop and take pictures with "natives of the land" They wrap you with Lei’s made of sea shells and your off for fun. They had about five different games …like stick toss, spear throwing, Hawaiian bowling and a few we missed. Each time you participate they give you another Sea Shell Lei. By the time we left that night one of my sons had enough souvenir Sea Shell Leis for his entire 3rd grade class.

At first my husband was trying to be so serious and make it "about the kids" but I told him to loosen up, its okay, we are on vacation and he can have fun too! He ended up playing the games as much as the kids did….lol.

I myself journeyed off to make flower Leis and head garments while they got their arms painted. We later regrouped and the kids took a canoe ride (where they actually let the kids paddle) and listened to some music. Shortly there afterwards everyone met for the uncovering of the pig and some native song and dance. Note that the sunset is so beautiful if there are no clouds.

After the pig is unearthed, the performers hang around a little longer for some photos with the guest (note: if you purchase their pictures it is $15.00 a photo.) We purchased two out of five. I was able to snap a few of the kids and the performers with my own camera (I noticed they tried to avoid posing for pictures you attempted to take with your personal cameras (but they had a time at the end of the show were they allowed you to snap a few pictures and get some autographs of the performers.))

After the photo session, it is dinner time. It is an all you can eat buffet and that’s what you see most doing. The food is plentiful so there isn’t a worry there. They had Pasta Salad, Macaroni Salad (but it had too much mayo in it) A regular salad you make yourself with the tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, onions…etc, Some different dressings and bread. PLEASE NOTE PEOPLE: They have utensils to pick the bread up with! Don’t use your hands!!! Geeesh! There was one guy in front of me that moved the tongs out the way so he could pick his bread up with his hands. He touched several pieces in the basket in search of a certain bread ( it only looked like one type of bread in it to me.) I guess his wife saw my face of irritation or she maybe had her own irritation from what he was doing and told him to use the tongs too. There was pulled pork, rice, chicken, fish and one or two more dishes. They had a dessert area a few steps pass the main food area.

Once everyone gets there first round, the shows start. There is a jolly host. He tells a few jokes, and gets the crowd roared up. The actual dance itself is great. I cared more for the fast upbeat tempo rather than the slower dancing. The show starts off with the ….REAL…slow dancing and I noticed I got a little heavy eyed so I wander to the necklace shop, but come back just in time for the hula dancers and the flame thrower. EVERYONE seemed to perk up then. Don’t get me wrong, there was nothing wrong with the slower stuff, It just that the temperature was a little on the cool side, It started to mist a little bit, We had already eaten and so ya eyes get a little heavy, ya know what I mean?…

Over all it was a complete joy and when we return to Hawaii again we will more than likely participate in another Luau.
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