Lunch Break at Cocodries

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Going out to lunch or dinner is a great thing, but when someone else is paying for it, it is even better. That's how I discovered a great little restaurant called Cocodries in Navarre Beach, Florida last week when I attended a Behr Paint Clinic for Home Depot, and the people throwing the shindig took us out for lunch on them. Nine of us from Home Depot #6368 (Tami, Ray Ray, Josh, Gloria, Kathie, Mario, Patrick, Kim, and myself).

After three hours of learning about new paint products from Behr flew by for the 25 people attending the clinic from several Home Depots along the Gulf Coast, we were hungry and ready for lunch. In between learning about tinted primers and interior paints with primers included, our hosts at the Navarre Convention Center had given us take out menus to make our choices for lunch at Cocodries in order to allow us to enjoy a full hour for lunch instead of scrambling for menues and ordering when we got to the restaurant. We were allowed to order just about anything from the menu between $7-12, which was pretty much sandwiches and salads. Josh, one of our store associates tried to order an entree but was told to order something less expensive, and he wound up ordering a burger. Our hosts even threw in dessert for us as a bonus which made everyone happy.

I wound up ordering an Oyster Po Boy ($10.25) while Tami, another co-worker ordered a nice pasta salad. Gloria got a Prime Rib au jus sandwich while Ray Ray got a club sandwich, and Kathie got a salad. Mario also got an Oyster Po Boy like I did.

Noon comes, and we are on our way to lunch in a caravan. I drove in with Tami while the others went with Ray Ray and Kathie in their cars. Cocodries is located at the end of the Navarre Beach Cosway Bridge that Mom, Dad, and I took to Navarre Beach in December, so I was familiar with the area and could ride shotgun for Tami if needed. But we got to the restaurant without any trouble and made our way inside. Tami and I sat together at one table while everyone else scattered around one section of the restaurant. We had two waitresses who immdiately took our drink orders (Diet Pepsi for both Tami and me and water or iced tea for others since we weren't allowed to drink).

Tami and I are big dog lovers (she has 13 dogs with another two puppies on the way while I am spoiling the fur nieces Mocha and Dakota for the time) and spent the time waiting for our food talking about our zoos and families. Within 15 minutes our food was on the way to us, and everything looked great. My Oyster Po Boy was on a long roll with a huge portion of shoestring french fries seasoned with seasoned salt. Tami's pasta salad looked divine with feta cheese, olives, artichokes and other goodies that had me wishing I ordered that instead of the Po Boy. But my Po Boy was very good but I was having a heck of a time picking it up and eating it because the oyster chunks kept falling out of the bun. The sandwich had lettuce, tomatoes, and red onions on it which had me wishing for gum afterwards (I had to suffer with onion breath for the last two hours of the clinic and limited my talking for the time)! With tartar sauce for the Po Boy and fries, I had a meal fit enough for a queen, and I was very full after eating everything on my plate.

But wait, there was dessert. Oh I guess I had to make room for that like a good Fernstrom, and our waitresses came out with pieces of decadent carrot cake for everyone. No raisins (Just the way I like it) and a heavenly cream cheese frosting and nuts on top. The cake itself was moist and full of carrots and spices. After that piece of goodness, I was stuffed for the day and only ate a salad at home that night for dinner. The waitresses kept our glasses full of our drinks of choice, and after two big glasses of Diet Pepsi, I stopped, but one of the ladies said there was dessert coming, and I asked for water. I got water and another Diet Pepsi, but I wasn't complaining.

Bellies full and everyone happy, we made our way out of the restaurant and to the parking lot. Some of the folks went to the beach to walk a little bit, but it was pretty windy out that day, and I passed on the walk not wanting to be shivering the final two hours of the clinic. "Another time I'll walk the beach again!", I said to Tami as we got back into her SUV for the ride back to the clinic. Luckily no one fell asleep during the last 90 minutes of the clinic from being so stuffed, and I vowed to return to Cocodries with the family next time we were in Navarre Beach.

Cocodries is located on Navarre Beach on Gulf Parkway and is open from 10-10 daily. There is a good menu of entrees and sandwiches and desserts. The service is great, and the views of the beach are great. When the weather is good you can dine outside on the deck, and there is a bar inside and outside. When you are ever in Navarre on business or pleasure, check out Cocodries!

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