Serengeti Express: A Train Ride Through the Wilds of Africa

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Troobabiee7 on February 5, 2009

The Serengeti Express is the train ride through Busch Gardens. It's not just a typical train ride though, it's a train ride through the Serengeti Plain in the middle of the park. The Serengeti Plain is the home of the park's lions, tigers, giraffes, zebra, ankole cattle and more. If you're there for the animals, this is where to find them. You can get an up-close look at the same animals from the Edge of Africa walk-through attraction, but this is a great way to be directly in the center of the action. You can get up-close and personal with some of the biggest and most majestic animals in the world, without having to see them through glass or off in the distance.

The open-air train makes stops in the Nairobi, Congo and Stanleyville sections of the park. You're free to get off at any of the stops if using the train for transportation, but staying on for a full-loop will give you the best views of the animals and surrounding theming. A big clock near the entrance of each station tells you when the next train will arrive and four or five people can fit in each row of the train. Each train is also huge, leaving loom for lots of guests to embark on each ride.

Our trip was definitely a fun one. When the train left the station we made our way over to Egypt and went right over the Montu tracks. It was awesome seeing the coaster fly by below us. We then went through a small tunnel, and when we emerged we were in the middle of the African savanna. What an amazing view! I've been on a lot of safari rides and this was by far the best. There wasn't some big elaborate storyline or anything, but we got unbelievably close to the animals. We had to stop a few times to wait for the rhinos to cross the tracks, the giraffes were just lounging in the grass, and the zebras were practically at arms length. It was a great experience.

The Serengeti Express takes around 40-minutes to travel through in a complete loop. It's definitely worth taking the time to complete the loop as it gets you closer to the animals than anywhere else in the park.
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