Southwestern Banff?

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by callen60 on February 1, 2009

Not surprisingly, real estate in Banff must be at a premium. Like most other places we saw in town, the tables at Coyote’s were crowded together in a density unusual in most locations. But both locals and visitors gather here amiably enough, in a long narrow space that brings a touch of the southwest to the Canadian northwest. While in Banff, we took to asking folks at museums and shops for recommendations on where to eat. Two people in a row named this place, so we tracked it down about a block west of Banff Avenue.

We opted for a seat at the counter instead of a sizable wait for a table. That was a fortuitous decision, as we watched the kitchen staff work at quickly and efficiently assembling the day’s salads, sandwiches, and pastas. If you enjoy food and cooking, I’d recommend you make the same choice we did. Our counter seats were away from the door, and allowed me to settle on the Panini Maple smoked ham and swiss sandwich as I watched one under construction. One of our sources had named the sweet potato & corn chowder as their favorite thing to eat in Banff, so I paired the chowder with half a Panini in the Soup/Sandwich combo. My wife did the same with the chicken tortilla soup and club sandwich. We could tell from the sandwich board that half a sandwich was a healthy serving, and the $10 combo was very reasonably priced.

While we were eating, the chef who was clearly in charge stopped by to see how we were doing. He didn’t stay long, but he was friendly, glad to hear we were enjoying our food, and seemed unaffected by the pace he and his crew were maintaining in order to stay up with the orders streaming their way. This place was a definite change of pace in Banff, and I’d return for another lunch, or a dinner.
Coyote's Deli and Grill
206 Caribou St
Banff, Alberta, T0L 0C0
+1 403 762 3963

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