MBK: A Must Visit For Any Visitor

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Mengkysan on January 29, 2009

MBK is certainly one of the most visited shopping malls in Bangkok because it has almost everything a visitor to Bangkok is after.

MBK is one of, if not the, best places to buy a digital camera as it is home to at least 4 specialty camera shops which offer everything a photographer could need.

For anyone after a mobile phone, either new or used, MBK has to be their first port of call as it has hundreds of shops and stalls offering almost every brand and model along with every accessory.

For those after electrical goods such as mp3 players, DVD players and other portable gadgets MBK surely has what most people are after.

It also serves up tourist favourites such as fake watches, pirated movie DVDs, music CDs, software and even fake designer clothing such as Deisel Jeans

For clothing and shoes, there are plenty of shops for men and women. Many sell branded items, either fake or authentic but you can also buy many non-branded, made in Thailand, items of clothing and some well made shoes for both men and women.
On the 1st floor, there is almost always some kind of sale by a well known brand.

For those after memories of their trip, the upper floors are home to a large number of souvenir shops selling silk products, silverware and other souvenir type products.

If you get hungry, tired or bored, take a seat in one of the many coffee shops or restaurants or catch a movie. If you are feeling more energetic and just want a break from shopping, you can even go bowling.

MBK has to be THE, all-in-one, shopping experience for any visitor to Bangkok.

You can read more and see more images at : http://www.thebangkokshoppingguide.com/MBK_mahboonkrong_bangkok
MBK Center (Mah Boon Krong)
444 Phayathai Road
Bangkok, Thailand
+66 2620-9000


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