Mission on Mission Beach

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by melissabowman on January 27, 2009

Since we visited here in late December the weather was a bit chilly.However that did not seem to slow down my little boy, or my self for that matter. We took a scenic walk around the park. We let out son play on the play ground, which I must say was still a little wet from the previous day drizzle. He sure did not seem to mind he played anyways.

Mission beach has several activities and things to do. We started out the day playing at the park which is across the street from Belmont Park. There are plenty of swings, slides and other things for the little ones to enjoy while being close enough to the beach to enjoy.

After some time of playing at the park and plenty of wet clothes we headed back across the street to check out Belmont Park. The park was just opening and our son seemed a bit apprehensive about some of the rides so we just walked around. We did end up buying some sand toys to take out to the beach. There are several stores and shops to buy all kinds of suvioners and stuff.

Before heading to the beach we stopped to eat some food. We ate some pizza and tried not to get too cold. The sun had tried to peak out a few times but for the most part it was over cast and chilly. As well as many shops and stores there are also several restaurants and little picnic areas to eat.

After a yummy lunch we changed clothes and took our sand toys to the beach, The sun had finally deiced to shine through but the temperature was still a bit cold. Once again though it did not slow us down.

Belmont Park on Mission Beach
3190 Mission Boulevard
San Diego, California, 92109


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