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Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Rosiemjordan on January 11, 2009

Just returned from a 7 day stay over the holidays at the Mayan Palace. My friend and I were looking for a getaway place with sand, sun and beach and came across Acapulco. We chose Acapulco, and it has become one of the best locations among many places we have visited. We knew we didn’t want to drive ourselves around or take structured tours so we procured the services of certified guide Sebastián Hernández before we came to Acapulco. I sent e-mails to a handful of potential guides. His was one of the first ones that came back with a response, and the only one that contained information on just about anything we would want to do or see during our stay. It was extremely helpful. We printed it out and read through it on the plane and highlighted some of the things we were interested in. Sebastián picked us up at the airport, shuttled us to the local grocery store, and during the week he took us to several of the places that we had highlighted in his document. Contact Sebastián prior to your arrival if you plan to visit Acapulco.

We had an incredible time. The rooms at the Mayan Palace were nicely decorated, spacious and clean. The staff was very accommodating. No matter what type of room you have, the service is the same, GREAT and ATTENTIVE. There are many places to eat within the complex and lots of things to do on-site.

The city is large, and we tried to see as much of it as possible. The scenery from every vantage point was breathtaking. The people are very friendly in Acapulco. A shopkeeper in the flea market offered us a shot of tequila to welcome us to the city. We had to oblige his hospitality. Acapulco is a very clean city. The prices are good, and the roads are excellent. This is now a very well developed area. The city is very diversified with everything from shopping, arts, history and all the water sports you can imagine. There truly is something for everyone.

We were very happy with Sebastián based on the recommendations on this site at Acapulco forum as our tour guide. He drives a comfortable, immaculate Town Car and gave us a wonderful tour of the city our first time out. We went to the Chapel of Peace where we took lots of pics, had a great table at lunch to watch the cliff divers’ performance, and then to the flea market. We also went to the Flamingos Hotel and visited Diego Rivera’s mural where he gave us a very detailed overview of the work. On another trip we went to the silver mining town of Taxco and to see the Xochicalco archaelogical site which dates back to 200-300 BC. Our first stop in Taxco was at a silver factory where we got to see the artisans making fine pieces of silver jewelry. We shopped and got an automatic 50% discount. After lunch, we visited the Santa Prisca 18th century baroque church. It felt like we were back in the time period. There was a nice local guide who gave us an in-depth tour of the church with all its nuances. We were impressed by how much the city is conserving its history.

We wanted to mingle with the locals in ACA as we like to try off the beaten path places. Our friendly guide knew just where to take us on a Thursday night (Pozole Day) in the state of Guerrero. We went to a restaurant/cantina in the countryside for fabulous food and dancing where we were the only Americans there. The people were so friendly and made us feel at home. We had a blast.

Overall, this was one of our best trips to Mexico. I highly recommend the Mayan Palace resort and our new friend Sebastián. We got to see a lot more than we would have on our own, and he made all that possible. It was well worth it. He just made us feel very comfortable, safe and very welcome in his country.
Mayan Palace Acapulco
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