Stay Anywhere Else! Where You Can Actually Sleep

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by JulietandNikki on January 4, 2009

What the hell is the Lonely Planet boasting about with this hostel? Yes, the place is an information center, and is a great way to get to the beaches or go on excursions-- but you don't need to stay here to take advantage of those services.
For $18/night (private room, shared nasty bathrooms, and shared cold showers that say you must keep your shower under 2 minutes) we stayed in a craphole closet-of-a-space with an open window onto the loudest courtyard space. Drunk people yelled all night (we're talking until 6am) even though there is supposedly a 11pm quiet time enforced. In all fairness, the noise level depends on the guests.

Go stay at Casa Feliz instead...
Oh, and definitely hit up the Pelican for happy hour on Wednesdays and Fridays...and to play with monkeys in the back of the hotel!
Casa Oro
San Juan Del Sul
Granada, Nicaragua

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