Brennan's Not Brilliant

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by diminor1929 on December 31, 2008

How disappointing. After all the hype we had heard about this long-time popular French Quarter establishment (it is advertised on every street corner and publication as far as the eye can see ) we were unimpressed by the pretentious,condescending and frankly phony service, the over-priced and over-rated food, and the lack-luster glamour that the waitstaff keep insisting is there but we were sore-pressed to find. We must have been reminded at least 5 times that we were about to be treated to the "world famous" and "world class" food (I wrote those exact words down) that was being prepared especially for us. Our waiter,in his disheveled and poorly fitting tux,along with his very elaborate southern accent could have easily passed for an Elvis impersonator in any other venue. He was overly solicitious but then forgot to bring the a second glass of wine that I requested. He was so busy bragging about the food and bragging about Brennan's that his main job,of serving graciously,was thrown out the window. After insisting that "right now Brennan's has the best gumbo in town"(I begged to differ on that point) the waiter took our order from a 3 course prix-fixe menu;Creole Onion soup that was served lukewarm and just so-so served with plain old ordinary French baguettes; Oysters Benedict which were good but plated over Holland Rusks which,pardon me, are crackers. The hollandaise sauce as well as the soup,were only lukewarm -not steaming. My partner was happier with his "Eggs Owen"-poached eggs served over beef hash accomapanied with Marchand de Vin sauce. They weren't bad but were also not very warm. Partner had his usual cosmo with the meal which he declared to be "okay". Our desserts (both flamed with a LOT of DRAMA -probably more than they deserved ) were Bananas Foster and Crepes Fitzgerald which were strawberries flamed in a maraschino liquor. While the meal was okay it certainly did not live up to its hype. Right now I simply consider it a "tourist trap" to be avoided unless one goes for the "kitschy" Old New Orleans style.
417 Royal St
New Orleans, Louisiana, 70130
+1 504 525 9711

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